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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord And Tenant Disputes

In 2016 the U.S. Census Bureau found that almost forty percent of American households are renting their primary residence. This means that a significant portion of the population can identify as either a Tenant or a Landlord, and as would be expected legal issues regarding the two are very common. Unfortunately, the legal requirements and responsibilities of both parties are not as widely known and as such a significant amount of litigation in this field arises.

There are federal laws that govern essential requirements for both Landlords and Tenants, such as the Americans With Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act. There is also a multitude of laws in each state that governs additional requirements set forth by each state such as the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Act, and additionally, cities and other local governmental institutions can create their own limitations and requirements. This creates a difficult web of legality to navigate where many get lost in the fold. No matter which side of the debate you fall on, an experienced Landlord-Tenant Attorney can help clarify your rights and responsibilities.


Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Security Deposit

Security Deposits

The Michigan Security Deposit Act dictates the specific process and landlord and tenant must follow to ensure proper handling of security deposit monies.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial And Residential Leasing

Renting space to live or to work in is never as easy as it sounds. Legal issues can make it a significant financial burden as well, having an attorney on hand can help significantly.



Evictions are difficult for everyone and it is important to remember both parties have rights throughout the process. The first step is to make sure you are following the law.

Habitability Issues

Habitability Issues

The requirements for standards of accessibility and habitability on property owners is not always clear and straightforward, and missteps can be extremely costly.


FHA And ADA Accomodations

With very few exceptions property owners are required to make certain accommodations for those with disabilities and other conditions.

Sales and Transfer of Rental Properties

There are laws that govern what should happen when a property that has a tenant is sold to another individual, but certain agreements and provisions may modify that.

Payment Enforcement

Payment Enforcement

A Landlords rights and abilities with regards to a tenant who isn’t paying may seem overwhelming at first, but an experienced attorney can help.

Holdover Tenant

Holdover Tenants

A landlord facing holdover tenants is in a difficult, but not impossible position that has established legal remedies if acted upon properly.

Inspections And Notice

Notices and Inspections

Simple maintenance and care inspections can become a legal nightmare for landlords if the proper procedure is not followed. Let an experienced Attorney help you follow the law.


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