It’s Time To Raise Your Game

We are pleased to announce a new product being offered for sale. We created the Sutherland Law PLC Michigan Residential Lease Agreement to protect the rights of both Landlords and their Tenants. There are several reasons why our lease is superior to other downloadable leases now offered for sale. This Residential Lease was drafted specifically for use by landlords and property managers in the state of Michigan. Our Residential Lease Agreement was developed by a practicing Landlord-Tenant Attorney and complies with all state and federal laws that it is subject to and contains all recommended statements and provisions.

“The best legal settlement is when both parties sign an agreement that is clear and fair and is put in place up front, as part of any new property use transaction,” says Kevin Sutherland, Managing Partner of Sutherland Law PLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “My colleagues in the legal community are more than capable of protecting both landlords and tenants. Kent County judges are fair and equitable in resolving landlord-tenant disputes. But, there is no substitute for good planning. Resolving landlord-tenant disputes caused by deficient lease agreements can be expensive.” says Kevin in his article for the Grand Rapids Lawyer.

But There Are Tons Available All Over The Internet!

There are many easily obtainable low cost, or worse “free” lease agreements available on the internet. Using one of these malformed leases will put you and your investment properties at extreme risk of liability. This can be costly for both Landlords and Tenants, not to mention the waste of court resources tied up in resolving these disputes. As a law firm with experience in Landlord/Tenant disputes and Litigation, we see too many cases where a landlord’s protections under the law are eroded because of improper lease language or missing legal provisions.

“We suggest that all Landlords simply take the time Now to reevaluate their current lease agreements. Landlords should consult with their local attorney to update these agreements. “In landlord-tenant cases where I represented an injured party, the lease was wholly inadequate to protect the landlord’s rights under this tenancy. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Many landlords have been doing real property rental business for years. The Legal Environment has changed a lot in the years since they started. Experienced Landlords could benefit greatly from an economical, updated residential property Lease Agreement. This is the reason why we created the new Sutherland Law PLC Michigan Residential Lease Agreement,” says Kevin.

That Seems A Bit Much For Me, I’m Just Starting Out

Are you a relatively new Landlord renting a residential property? Your best move would be to consult with an attorney. But if this is not possible, you can prevent many possible future issues. Simply request a copy of the new Sutherland Law PLC Residential Lease Agreement. We are confident that our new lease agreement will fill nearly all possible situations commonly contemplated when renting housing in Michigan. In addition to the extensive list of separate provisions clarifying each party’s rights and responsibilities, we also have several addendums that can be added to the lease to fit your unique situations. Things like Pet Policy, Reserved Parking, Lead Paint Disclosure and Utility Assignation to name a few.

We urge you not to expose your property portfolio to massive potential legal risk. A well written, legally compliant lease agreement will protect you from a multitude of common landlord pitfalls and mistakes, some of which can lead to penalties and damage awards exceeding tens of thousands.